Got an Idea for a new tune?

August 27, 2008

We’ll check it out and give it a whirl …. not all tunes will make the cut …. but all tunes will be considered.  Horns?  We don’t need no stinkin’ horns!  Keyboards?  Hey, we can make guitars sound almost just about exactly pretty much like a keyboard with … say …. 36 keys.



  1. Every now and then someone comes up to me on a break and tells me they have a great song that we could do. Sometimes I even hear the name of it … but honestly … I have spaced on the tunes you’ve told me – SO – if you just send them here they’ll be a matter of permanent record and I’ll have no excuse! Thanks!

  2. “Tightrope” by SRV! Go 2SJ!!

  3. I think it would be absolutely poetic if you gents would perform “Good Time Charley’s Got the Blues” and “Mister M”. After all, how many guys can say they have TWO songs written about them?

  4. Thanks Rusty! I don’t believe I have ever heard the entire song “Mr. M” … although I remember one part of the Lyrics … “Mr. M, Mr. M, When will you ever learn? Mr. M, Mr. M, You’ll run out of friends to burn!” Funny lyrics about times and situations gone by! If anyone knows the whereabouts of Dave Kennedy and Robbie Clark, please let me know how to get in touch with them. I found a five page article written about “The Second Coming” in a newspaper called “The Now News”, written July, 1970. There are articles, interviews and …. PICTURES …. and man are they funny! Thanks for posting Rusty!

  5. I had talked to your guatarist on Friday Nov 28 in fallscity. I told him with your sound if you listen to some of the works done by this Pure Prarie Luegue that your find you have alot in common as far as your vocals and the rythems. Plus they have some really down home tunes that touch the soul Here are acouple of their title tracks.

    Pure Pairie League (Something in the night album 1981 polygram
    I want to know your Name!

    Pure Prairei League (All in good time Album) If you could say what im thinking.

    Pure Prairie League (All in good time album
    Nothing like the Lonely tonight

    Pure Pairie League (Two Lane Highway Album
    Picken with the devil
    Pure Prairie Leaghue (Bustin Out Album) 1990
    Angle #9

    Pure Prairie League ((Songs of Pure Harmony Album) 2001
    Ill fix your flat tire Merle

    You guys might like this or not I hope so cause you never heat their tunes anywhere and these guys were big in the thier day. Touched alot of peoples hearts with thier music the best I could suggest is to step outside the box o a tume or two. Good luck you guys do Rock a great mix of Bentlmen with there ases and drums. Keep spreading the word I hope to see you agian.


  6. Hey Will … Charlie here … I am the guy you were talking to on the break. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll find these tunes and have a listen. As you’ve probably figured out we pull our set list from a wide variety of places …. so let’s see if we can Jacksonize a Pure Prairie League tune for you and the rest of teh Fall City ShedHeads! We’ll see you there next time!

  7. Hey wanted to turn you on to one more tune by the Alman Brothers Band
    Elizebeth Reed instrumental I think you guys could do this tune well and enjoy playing it at the same time.


  8. A Group called the Bone Shakers does a unique and great version of James Brown’s “Cold Sweat”. It’s a shuffle feel but stronger feel than that may sound. If you want to learn it or listen I’d be more than happy to furnish a CD.

  9. As a neighbor and friend and fellow guitar and bass player in Bill Whelans band, ( 3 taco monkeys), I am proud to say, when La Cantina was going, down at the old Rainier Brewery, Charlie Morgan was introduced to me, and he promptly went nuts when he got his first taste of the special guacamole that comes from this part of town (BALLARD). And I have had the pleasure to hear the great music that TSJ produces, these elegant rascals have got the moves and the chops to open for godzilla’s next trip to tokyo, when he feels like stomping the town to pieces!!!!!!!!

    Suffice it to say, GOD or should I say GODDES, is a tall busty natural redhead in a 55 T-Bird with both tops down, wearing leopard pattern pedal pushers in the new mexico desert at sunset listening to TWO SHEDS JACKSON while arching her back to make a slight bridge on the hood of the car, so take me to the bridge!

    Doc Hicklin

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