It’s time to get the blog going …

August 27, 2008

Let us know your thoughts on our set lists and gigs. Let’s spread the word and let ShedHeads Unite!


  1. I was so bummed I couldn’t make it to the gig Friday night. Word on the street was the place was packed and you guys rocked the house down! If it was anything like the gig at the 13th Avenue Pub, I know I missed a good time! Can’t wait for the next one. Keep sending me the e-mail updates. :-)’

  2. Am I crazy to think the “sounds of the Eagles” might fit well on you?

  3. I’ve been to Two Sheds at the Highliner half a dozen times at least, and I would have no problem paying a cover charge. I’m surprised I haven’t already.

  4. re-Highliner reluctance to a return gig citing money issues. It occurs to me 2 Sheds might draw sone non-drinkers to the scene. They spend less on drinks since how many cokes can you down in one evening. Also, for us the lateness of the hour is also a factor. Seems like a cover charge coupled with an earlier start time might make up the difference. Also, we all like food regardless of our orientation. Planning dinner at the gig could help the cause.

    • Thanks Harold … I will be passing on all the comments from the blog and email to Stan.

  5. I think a cover charge is the answer. Takes a little pressure off the owner and I don’t think the average person minds. Or, lazers, haze and Raider-type uniforms!!! Don’t forget the cod pieces!!! (just a thought)

    • I am sure you’ve got a stash of those uniforms hanging out … or was that what I saw you wearing on your last gig?

  6. Being the groupie that I am I would be happy to pay a cover charge and I would be even happier to be able to start my evening a tad bit earlier. We are, after all, getting older and need our beauty rest.

    • Thanks Paloma! We’ll continue to run this for another week or so and then go back to Stan with the results.

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